Youth In Transition Designated a Summer 2011 YouthWorks worksite

This summer will be the third year that YIT has been designated a YouthWorks worksite. The program provides a mechanism through which eligible youth are able to earn money while gaining meaningful work experience, skills-oriented training, and career exposure. YIT students participating in the program will have an array of summer enrichment experiences by being exposed to vocational programs, enhancing academic skills and increasing their marketable skills to help them make informed career decisions. According the Baltimore City’s mayor’s office research shows that youth who work part-time during the school year and participate in summer jobs have a greater attachment to the labor market after graduation and earn higher wages than those who did not work. Research also shows that youth participation in employment programs contributes to a safer environment and a reduction in high-risk behavior. Students participating in the program will learn the value of earning their first paycheck which will encourage them to build strong work ethics and provide a pathway to productive employment.


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