YIT Celebrates Student Success

Peter Andrew Leitch started at the Youth In Transition (YIT) School in March 2008 as a Certificate Tract student. Peter came to us with a history of verbal and physical aggression, which interfered with his academic and social progress. With hard work, determination, staff support, behavioral interventions, and his mother, Nancy Leitch, Peter has been able to significantly decrease his aggressive behaviors, and successfully establish and maintain meaningful relationships with his peers. Given his academic and social progress, Peter was able to transition to the Diploma Tract program, complete his service learning hours, and successfully pursue his high school diploma in our highly structured self-contained classroom, where he has maintained excellent grades. We are happy to announce that Peter is scheduled to graduate with his high school diploma this June. We are so proud of you Peter! We couldn’t have done this without the amazing collaboration and cooperation from our YIT staff, the nonpublic office in Baltimore County, and valuable input from Peter’s mother. Congratulations and best wishes to you Peter!

Ryan Christopher Chambers came to our school in June 2011, also as a Certificate Tract student. Ryan presented with atypical patterns of interpersonal communication characterized by his avoidance of most activities that included social interactions with his peers. Given Ryan’s adaptive deficits, he avoided getting on the bus and eating Peter in class in the school cafeteria. With the assistance of staff, he was able to work on improving his verbal comprehension and expression, as well as understanding social cues. We are happy to report that he has made significant improvements regarding some of his social phobias; he is able to utilize readily available staff supports when needed, which has helped him improve his relationships with others and make academic strides in the classroom. “Ryan now comes on the school bus, eats his lunch in the cafeteria with his peers, and is now able to advocate appropriately for himself,” stated Michelle Kilkenny, Assistant Director of Education. Ryan enjoys sports and is also interested in cooking. He will be transitioning to the Diploma Tract program/self-contained classroom next school quarter, and is anticipating graduating with a high school diploma in June 2014. We could not have achieved this without the assistance of our dedicated YIT staff, Ryan’s parents, particularly his mother, Ms. Rodney, and the nonpublic office of Baltimore County. Congratulations to you Ryan on all your achievements!

Peter and Ryan are powerful examples of what the NCIA Youth In Transition School has worked to achieve for many students since we opened our doors in 1994. We have a place for every student that walks through our doors, as we work to provide them with a structured learning environment that addresses their academic, social, and emotional needs. We also recognize and celebrate the close partnerships we have with students and their families, local school systems, and community-based organizations. The willingness of the special individuals that provide these essential resources to embrace our model of collaboration, have been key to the successes of our students. We are so proud of all our students!


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