YIT Building & Maintenance Program Helps the YIT Farm!

There’s always something going on at the YIT School Farm, usually good things like flowers blooming, vegetables growing, students learning..but sometimes we have to deal with the not so fortunate things, like our broken tractor. After many attempts to fix it we called in the relief team – the YIT Building & Maintenance Program!  Recently they began to incorporate small engine repair into their program and this was the perfect test!  We had a small tractor that needed to be fixed, and the Building & Maintenance Program needed practice fixing small engines.  Can you say match made in farm heaven?

YIT Building and Maintenance Crew
The Building & Maintenance students and staff headed to the farm on a nice day to help our Farm Manager with the tractor.  Sure enough, they were able to fix the tractor and students were able to take it for a spin on the grounds.  student riding a tractor

What a wonderful way to incorporate other programs, students, and lessons into the farm.  By the looks of those smiles, they sure seemed to enjoy themselves!

students fixed the tractorstudents talking to Farmer Greggtransporting farm tools in the tractorstudent taking a picture on the tractorstudent driving the tractoranother student driving the tractor students working hard on the farm


Thank you Building & Maintenance for your help!  We enjoyed hosting you at the farm!