Too Windy for Plastic

Well – the wind put a halt on our plastic installation today.  The weather was perfect aside from the wind, 65 degrees!  In February?  We’ll take it!

Since we had an eager crew and a warm day we were able to get some other projects done instead.  Several students and staff, even the adult career development crew helped dig a very long trench so we could lay electrical wires in the ground.  We harvested more sprouts and lettuces.  Prepped an herb garden bed and rinsed used trays.  We even ate through 4 pizzas!  :)  The day was not complete without a serenade from one of our students about all of the fun he has while working at the YIT School Farm!

a student and staff member

The Tray Team!

students digging a trench

Hard at work digging a trench!

student free styling about greenhouses

The Greenhouse Freestyle Rap!

Hopefully next time we will get the plastic installed.  We have a great team that’s for sure, we just need the wind to give us a break!