The Summer Garden

After a few short weeks of preparing our summer garden, it was finally ready to plant.  This time around, our worms have been good to us and we harvested some nutrient dense vermi-compost to use when planting.  We spaced out our holes, prepped our seedlings, surrounded them with the compost before burying the roots in the beds.   So far, we’ve successfully planted tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, eggplant, and cucumbers.

jalapeno pepper plant

Students helped us loosen the roots of our seedlings before planting.

preparing jalapeno pepper plants for plantingstudent holding a jalapeno pepper plant

Then they helped add the vermi-compost to the holes.

horticulture student digging holes in soil

How beautiful!

Jalapeno Pepper Rows

Uh oh – we found a funny looking bug on one of our pepper plants.  After some thorough research by our students, we discovered it was a Texas Potato Beetle!  YIKES!

texas potato beetle

We named him Stripes.