The Plastic is Up!

It was cold but there wasn’t much wind.  So, with some help from students and staff, Farmer Gregg directed the plastic install for our large 96 foot greenhouse!   We were able to secure both the infrared layer, and the outer layer of plastic.  The infrared layer helps to contain the heat within the greenhouse – an extra way to save on electricity and heating of a greenhouse.

covering the greenhouse with plastic

PULL! (luckily we have some muscles out here!)

plastic covered greenhouse

After all of the activity yesterday we left the YIT school farm at the end of the day, tired, but a good tired.  When we returned this morning, the farm seemed so peaceful.  Lightly dusted with snow, soft sky above.  It truly is therapeutic being out here and we hope to bring this feeling of calmness to our students.  So far, so good.