The Missing Link Found: Food Scraps!

You will be happy to know, our triad of needed materials for great compost is complete.  We have a source for food scraps!  We thank another local business, The Fresh Market in Baltimore (Quarry Lake) for working with us to pick-up their discarded fruits, berries, and vegetables for use in making our own, natural, compost.  We received our first batch yesterday, and students helped remove packaging and stickers to prepare our first load of food scraps to be added to our compost pile.

Students separating food from the packaging

Students separating the food from the packaging.

wheeling food to compost pile

Once the separation is complete, we wheeled the food to our compost pile.

wheel barrow of food

Check out that mix!

adding food to compost pile

Students also helped cover-up the food scraps in the wood chips.  Covering up the food scraps will allow for the composting to begin.  This will also help eliminate odors and hopefully prevent animals from digging them up for a late night treat!