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Summer is near, the sun is here!  So, we made sun tea!  The students and staff, especially Mr. Jones LOVED our homemade sun tea.  The best part, there’s only 4 ingredients;  your favorite fruit or berry tea, apple juice, water, and the SUN of course.

Students helped make and consume this tasty summer treat.  Check it out!

First you fill a gallon sized ball jar with cold water.  (You can find these for sale individually at Michaels Craft Stores).

filling jar with water

Then place 4 bags of your favorite flavor of tea in the jar (we used celestial seasonings tea).

flavored teas

We have tried 3 flavors so far!  Wild Berry has been the biggest hit yet…

student preparing wild berry tea

Place the jar in FULL sun for a few hours (we left ours out for the entire day)!

sun tea jar

After the tea has steeped for a few hours, discard the tea bags.  Using another jar or container, pour half of the tea into the other jar or container.  Then add half of a 2 quart container of apple juice to each jar or container.  Mix and serve!  We added some lemon to ours as a garnish.

mixing tea and apple juice

student holding tea student drinking sun tea student with thumbs up

IT WAS A HIT!  We will surely be adding this to our recipe book…

Come out to the farm and taste some of this sunny treat!