Youth in Transition School

yit class of 2014
Youth In Transition’s Class of 2014, was the largest special education class to graduate in the state of Maryland! There were a total of 22 graduates!

Our Mission:

“To provide a structured learning environment that will support the maximum development of each student.”

NCIA’s Youth In Transition School (YIT) is certified by the Maryland State Department of Education as a Type I full day special education and related services program for students ages 11-21, with autism, emotional disabilities and/or intellectual disabilities.  The school addresses the students’ physical, psychological, intellectual, and social needs. We are dedicated to changing lives.


The NCIA Youth in Transition School believes that the responsibility of education is to provide all students with the basic skills needed for a useful and fulfilling life. This can only be accomplished by developing the fullest potential of each student. We recognize the individuality of each child and that each student can make a unique contribution to society. The educational needs of each individual vary and we strive to deliver exceptional services to every student.
Simply stated, our goals are to:

  • Provide a safe environment for students to achieve success in school and in the community
  • Provide special education classroom instruction and related services
  • Work with students, their families, and local educational agencies toward moving students to their least restrictive environment

For more information, please contact us: 410.944.9994