Researching Soil

What percent of the earth’s surface has soil that can grow food?  10%!  That’s it!  No wonder Mr. Jones was teaching students about the importance of what makes up soil and how it contributes to plant life and growth.  We better take care of our soil!

using a microscope

After learning about the Soil Food Web, students completed a worksheet and looked at soil samples from their very own gardens and vermicompost.

completing classwork

researching soil

analyzing soil with a microscope

student analyzing soil with a microscope

There are several levels to the Soil Food Web, each essential to maintaining quality plant growth.  Can you name one of the organic organisms pertinent to the soil food web?  How about birds, animals, bacteria, fungi.  Oh, that reminds me of a joke.. What do you call a male mushroom that has a lot of fun?


See, learning can be FUN!   See ya next time at the YIT School Farm!