Pico de Gallo Time!

What do you get when you cross a Horticulture class with fresh grown peppers, tomatoes, and parsley?  NACHOS & HOMEMADE PICO de GALLO!

pico de gallo

Students researched the different types of salsas and found that Pico de Gallo is a fresh, uncooked condiment, much resembling salsa.  They also discovered, when added to fresh made nachos, it is VERY tasty!

salsa with pico de gallo
see, all gone….

Students helped prepare the meal from chopping, to mixing, to layering.

mixing pico de gallo
Mixing our Pico de Gallo

students layering nachos
layering our nachos

student chopping peppers
 chopping up our farm-grown peppers

nachos and pico de gallo
  we are ready to eat!

students eating nachos with pico de gallo salsa
class meal time!

What a great use of our farm grown produce and what a tasty class!  I wonder what we’ll make next with all this basil growing???