Phase II: Transplanting!

We have entered the next phase, transplanting!  After planting several seeds, the students tended to them by; making sure they were watered, fed fertilizer, kept warm or cool depending on the crop.

So the seedlings grew and now need more space to grow! One students was very right when he said “this is like taking care of children,” and how right he is – the seedlings are delicate and need care and but once they’re grown, can be placed in the big greenhouse.

Our students helped transplant different lettuces, kale, tomatoes, cabbage, and other greens.  Check it out below!

student holding a tomato seedling A student holding a delicate tomato seedling

tomato seedling Close-up of the seedling

student transplanting tomatoe seedling Transplanting the seedling

another student  transplanting seedlings More transplanting

tray of transported seedlings A finished flat of transplanted tomato seedlings!

We already have 6 packs of several kinds of crops for sale – and other warm weather crops soon to come, so stay tuned and remember to think of the YIT School Farm for your garden needs!  We will be sending out information shortly on when and how to purchase.  Currently for cool weather crops that can be planted now, we have kale, broccoli, pak choi (cabbage), collards, swiss chard, beets, arugala (lettuce), mizuna (mustard green), and romaine!  ($1.50 for each 6 pack).  Other crops available towards the end of April include tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, okra, eggplant, and peppers!

We hope you all enjoyed the first day of spring yesterday!  We sure did!