Walnut Parsley Pesto

We had another food demonstration and the students learned how to make pesto!  Usually defined as an Italian sauce consisting of basil, garlic, pine-nuts and parmigiana cheese – has more recently been experimented by many with the use of parsley, or arugala, and other greens to substitute the basil when it is out of season.


Can you guess what leafy green we used to make this pesto?  Hint hint, we will be growing this outside of our greenhouse soon!  (answer at the bottom of the post).

Students learned some interesting techniques of preparing this sauce.  They learned how to use a flat surface to more easily peel the skins off garlic and how to pluck leaves off the leafy green we used.

garlic skins parsley

They even tasted the leafy green before making the pesto to see how the other ingredients come together and alter the taste.  Then we placed all of the ingredients in a large food processor, mixed well, and served!

Here are a few of our students giving pesto a “thumbs up!”  They loved it!

student with thumbs up

another student with thumbs up

third student with thumbs up

As for the mystery leafy green we used – it was PARSLEY!  Stay tuned for the recipe – it will be in our Horticulture Cook Book coming out in the fall of 2013!

Stay Green!

mixed parsley


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  • Jennifer

    I have tried this recipe. Its easy and really good. A little bit of olive oil and a little bit of milk give it a really nice consistency. With some pasta..yumm!

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