Driver Appreciation Picnic

NCIA wouldn’t be who we are today without our 100% transportation guarantee for all our individuals. Between our Youth in Transition School and Adult Programs, we transport hundreds of people to and from their homes and workplaces every day.  Managing transportation is no easy task, and therefore, we would like to give a special THANKS to all of our drivers! We truly appreciate all the hard work that you do. On June 13, 2015, we hosted our very first Driver Appreciation Cook-Out, located on the Continue reading →

NCIA in the Community

Following the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore went into a crisis after peaceful protests turned into riots on April 27, 2015. Local businesses were damaged, causing many people to lose their jobs. In an effort to help strengthen and rebuild the community, NCIA decided to make a difference by visiting the area most affected by the damage. On May 12, 2015, from Noon to 2:00 p.m, a group of NCIA staff parked a food truck on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Cumberland Street. Our Continue reading →

Spring Painting

Youth in Transition is getting a paint make-over! To celebrate the new season, we wanted to be sure to make the school interior as beautiful and bright as the Spring weather! What better way to brighten the day, than to add some fun color and art to the school walls! Our students covered their hands with paint and got down and dirty, to start the creation of an inspiring nature mural in our main lobby. This scene will represent the strength, growth and bright future of Continue reading →

Meet Ronald

  Ronald is a member of our Supported Employment Program and has been doing janitorial work for the MTA for two years now!  He always talks about his lovely daughter, who inspires him to work hard and be successful.

Meet Melanie

  Melanie graduated from our Youth in Transition School. She is an incredibly spirited young lady and loved to use her imagination with arts and crafts. She is very creative and would often enjoy painting and planting!