New Garden Project

There’s a new garden in town!  We decided to expand our growing area to the front and create a space where we can plant crops such as tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, and peppers.  Since these plants need more space, we needed a different setting than the raised beds in the greenhouse.  Luckily we have adult volunteers to help us with the task of forming gardens.

cardboard boxes

We created our own weed block by laying down cardboard boxes in the area we will plant.

dirt delivery

Our dirt being delivered!

spreading dirt

The beds are being formed as we speak…or should I say, write…

forming raised beds

Look at those beautiful rows!  Soon we’ll have our mulched walkways – stay tuned!

rows of raised beds

At the end of the hot day, we are excited to provide yet another therapeutic area where we can bring students to watch our plants grow, discover lady bugs and butterflies, taste a sun kissed snap pea off the vine, and enjoy all nature can offer.  Happy gardening to everyone out there!