Marinated Mozzarella

Today the Horticulture class made some delicious spicy herb marinade which we poured over fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.  We ate it with fresh bread and crackers – not one tomato was left uneaten!

mozzarella and tomatoes

farm herbs

We used our fresh grown herbs for the marinade (thyme, basil, and rosemary).  These very herb boxes are for sale at our Farmers’ market.  $5 empty, $10 full of herbs.  You can have an herb garden in your kitchen and make this tasty treat!

slicing tomatoes

It was nice to have the students help dice 2 pints of fresh cherry tomatoes in half.

cutting more tomatoes

Red pepper flakes gave the marinade a spicy flavor!

marinade with red pepper flakes

Then we poured our mixture over the tomatoes and mozzarella


mozzerella and tomatoes

After letting it sit and soak in the flavors we served our mozzarella and tomatoes.


After our hard work, we had a horticulture family meal and enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  (pun intended).