Lesson on Herbs!

Check out our lovely herb box!

herbs box

Can you name all of the herbs we are growing?  The students can!  Today they learned about common culinary and flowering herbs (not to be confused with our CEO, Herb).  The culinary herbs were fun to learn about especially how to identify them by sight, taste, touch, AND smell!

herb identifying lesson
Herb Identifying Lesson

herb lessons

Students even put together some herb baskets – perfect for the culinary inclined….

freshly grown basil

Can you guess what we made with some of our fresh grown basil?

herb and tomatoes

You got it!   A Caprese Salad.  We used our very own vine ripe tomatoes and fresh grown basil.

students preparing caprese salad

caprese salads  Students ate all of the Caprese Salad, we think it was a hit….