It’s COLD, but We’re Growing Sprouts!

growing sprouts

A few weeks ago, when we were blessed with warmer weather, some students were able to plant a few (ok, A LOT) of sunflower seeds.  Surprisingly, thanks to our greenhouse and student’s watering, these little seeds sprouted and grew, and grew and grew.  For the past two days we have been cutting and harvesting the sprouts.  Farmer Gregg swears they taste green!

farmer gregg teaching harvesting techniques

Farmer Gregg demonstrating the proper harvesting techniques.

preparing for harvest

To harvest, you first have to pick off the little, black seeds.  Then bundle together and cut, but don’t cut too close to the roots.

student preparing sprouts for harvest

Students try their hand at it!

student watering sprouts
Don’t forget to water your sprouts!

Who thought in the dead of winter we could benefit from these tasty treats?  The sprouts will make great “green drinks,” sandwich toppings, even additions to salads.  Check out this recipe we found:  Carrot & Sunflower Sprout Salad by Whole Foods

I’m hungry now!