Hire our Individuals

group of individuals working at MTA

Interested in hiring individuals with developmental disabilities? Here at NCIA, we take pride in our workforce and their ability to perform exceptionally well in selected areas of employment.

Below is a list of services that our individuals can perform for your organization:

  • Landscaping – Do you need a crew to plant beautiful flowers on your front lawn, cut the grass or clean the exterior of your building? Our work force is ready to help!
  • Janitorial – Is the cleanliness of your organization important to you? It’s important to us as well! Our cleaning crews are capable of vacuuming, sweeping, taking out the trash, cleaning windows, dusting etc. Whatever housekeeping you may need, we are capable of providing!
  • Moving – Need help heavy lifting or moving furniture from one location to another? We have a crew for that. Our moving crews are very strong and work together to help organize or maneuver heavy objects including furniture.
  • Shredding – Do you have important documents that need to be discarded safely? Our shredding crew ensures the safety of your confidential information and will shred according to your needs.  We recycle our shreds!
  • Brochure Distribution – Whether you need brochures sorted, packaged or delivered, we have you covered!
  • Snow Removal – During the winter months, you may need a little extra help salting the sidewalks/parking lot or shoveling snow. We have snow removal crews that are up for the task and have the latest tools to get the job done.
  • RetailNeed extra help keeping up with simple store or restaurant duties? We have individuals that love to interact with people and are great at taking direction. We’ve previously had some of individuals working at Pizza Hut & McDonald’s!

Is there another type of job that you need assistance with that doesn’t fit into either of these categories? If so, just contact us and let us know the type of work you are interested in. We have over two-hundred individuals that are ready to work and have a wide array of skill sets! We’d love to help. 

To get more information on how to hire our individuals, contact:

Vanessa Harrison
Director of Supported Employment & Contracts

For General Information about hiring individuals with disabilities and it’s benefits, check out the State of Maryland Department of Disabilities Website.