Fruity Green Drink

Today was our first food demonstration for our students!  We used some fresh fruits and of course, pea shoots grown in our very own greenhouse.  The students helped harvest the pea shoots for our smoothie.

preparing a green smoothie

blending a green smoothie

Before and after shot of our smoothie.  Student’s were hesitant at first after tasting a pea shoot separately.  But after blending it with other tasty ingredients, they might have changed their minds about them.  Check it out:

student with green drinkstudent trying green drinkstudent drinking green drinkfarmer gregg and green drink

Students and Mr. Jones loving the Fruity Green Drink!  Mmmm mmmm mmmm.  Stay tuned for our recipe….we might be putting together a healthy, greenhouse cookbook….shhh don’t give it away!  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the ingredients though:

Green Drink Illustration (colored by one of our students)

Even Martha Stewart advocates green drinks:  Check It Out Here