Flower Power

The YIT School Farm had a good run with our marigolds until the frost came!  However, we still have plenty of these beautiful autumn orange calendula flowers blooming in our greenhouse.

It has been said that flowers have a positive emotional impact on people.  Scroll through the pictures, what do you think?

picking flowers

student holding a flower

another student holding a flower

Lots of smiles.  Now that’s flower power!

Students enjoy picking the flowers and making pretty floral arrangements for our farmers’ markets.  Don’t miss out on our sale next week!

With the upcoming “cold season” the Horticulture students will be busy planting floral bulbs for the spring.  In a few short months we will be enjoying tulips and daffodils!

Joke for today:  What do you get when you plant a couple kisses?                                           TULIPS!