Florals at the Farmers’ Market

Guess what we have growing in the greenhouse?

calendula flowers more calendula flowers

“October Orange” Calendula Flowers!  The Horticulture class has expanded their fall crops to include some beautiful flowers in addition to their juicy, vine ripe tomatoes, spicy jalapenos, and leafy fall greens.

growing tomatoes tomatoes

I see soups, sauces, and salads with these tomatoes…how about you?

floral arrangements more floral arrangements

Who wouldn’t enjoy a fall bouquet from our farm grown flowers (Calendula & Marigolds)?  These autumn arrangements will be back for the next Farmers’ Market on 10/9/13 so be sure to get them while they last!  Just $5 for an arrangement (vase and festive ribbon included)!

psssssst – rumor has it the Horticulture Class will be crafting fall corn stalk decorations soon….keep an eye out for these too!

large caterpiller

We found this little friend in our farmers’ market harvest yesterday.  Can you guess what type of butterfly this beautiful caterpillar will morph into?