Field Trip to the Benjamin Banneker Museum!

Last Thursday a group of students had the privilege of visiting the Benjamin Banneker Museum!  We learned a lot about this Historical figure and about the importance of his work.

Benjamin Banneker Museum

After watching a short video and tour, the students were able to see some original and other replicas of Benjamin Banneker’s artifacts preserved by the Historical Society.

students looking Benjamin Banneker's artifacts

Here students are looking at some of the artifacts

student holding old fashioned beehive

Students also learned about old fashioned beehives!

a student posing with Benjamin Banneker's statueanother student posing with Benjamin Banneker's statue

Students taking their picture with the Benjamin Banneker Statue

Benjamin Banneker house replica

Students had the opportunity to see the replica of his house, grounds, and gardens!  “This place is really old fashioned,” one student proclaimed!

inside Benjamin Banneker's house

Mr. Jones really liked the fireplace and soup pot!

What a wonderful field trip and experience.  Hopefully next time we can stop and have a picnic, it was beautiful out there!