Dyeing Eggs Naturally

dyed eggs

In light of Easter, the students learned how to dye eggs using familiar vegetables they have already started growing in the greenhouses!  Some dyes can be made from spices too.  We made blue eggs from red cabbage juice, pink eggs from beet juice, and yellow eggs from Turmeric.  We also tried our luck at green eggs from mixing the cabbage juice and turmeric dyes – they came out great!  Check out our egg dyeing project!

making yellow dye A common spice, Turmeric was used to make a yellow dye.

student pouring dye over eggs Pouring dye over eggs

measuring salt for dye mixture Measuring salt for the dye mixture

eggs in dye baths Eggs in their dye baths

green, yellow and blue dyed eggs Some of the pretty colors yielded from the dyes

After our eggs dried, we went out and picked wild grasses to make nests for our eggs.  Speaking of nests, we came across a praying mantis nest while gathering materials for ours…that’s a good sign for our gardens!

They eggs came out beautifully!

dyed eggs in a nest