Lindsay M. Hayes References

“We are concerned with any jail or prison suicide. Lindsay Hayes, who helped us with the Hayes Report a few years ago, has come back in to give us another look and see if there are things we can do to try to prevent this sort of thing from happening.”-Governor

“Mr. Hayes provided us with an 8-step audit of our facility and its suicide prevention program. He has the ability to bring the conceptual into practical and operational terms. His low-key and common sense approach with all staff put people at ease and willing to share information. Mr. Hayes provided us with an outstanding debriefing prior to his departure and his report was consistent with the debriefing.”-County Jail Commander

“Mr. Hayes was totally ‘on-point’ in all of his findings and recommendations. His format and structure covered even more than we anticipated. It provides clear direction for us to complete a plan of action. Simply put, Mr. Hayes has proven to us that he’s the best in the business.”-State Juvenile Correctional Administrator

“Mr. Hayes was able to identify problems and offer realistic solutions. His people skills and subject matter knowledge were first-rate. We are taking the first step in the process by establishing a new suicide prevention program. Once this is accomplished we will be seeking Mr. Hayes’ assistance to ‘train the trainers’ in an eight-hour prevention program for our correctional staff.” -County Jail Administrator

“Mr. Hayes was well-informed and had his information well organized. He was very articulate, knowledgeable, and managed the time well for the amount of material that was presented. The whole training workshop was excellent.” -State Department of Corrections Training Academy Director

“Your impact on this field is tremendous. You’ve called upon jurisdictions to really take a closer look at the issue of jail suicide prevention.”-Former Director, State Jail Standards Commission

“I am very thankful that we were able to engage your services almost a year prior to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation.  You have been extremely helpful in enabling us to better deliver suicide prevention services in the jail.  I think this went a long way in helping us establish credibility with the DOJ…and to successfully close its investigation.  Once again, thank you for your help and we look forward to our continuing relationship.”-Sheriff

For further information about our Suicide Prevention in Custody services contact Lindsay M. Hayes at or 508.337.8806