Suicide Prevention in Custody

depressed man


Suicide continues to be a leading cause of death within jails, prisons and juvenile facilities throughout the country. Landmark studies from NCIA’s Suicide Prevention in Custody Services have found that the suicide rate in county jails is several times greater than that of the general population, while the suicide rate in prisons remains slightly higher than in the community. It is essential that correctional agencies implement a sound suicide prevention policy, including the critical component of staff training, to help alleviate the risk of inmate suicide and costly litigation.

NCIA has extensive experience in providing suicide prevention and liability reduction services to both local and state correctional agencies throughout the country, including policy assessment and development, staff training, and expert witness consultation.

For further information about our Suicide Prevention in Custody services contact Lindsay M. Hayes at or 508.337.8806

“Mr. Hayes was able to identify problems and offer realistic solutions. His people skills and subject matter knowledge were first-rate. We are taking the first step in the process by establishing a new suicide prevention program. Once this is accomplished we will be seeking Mr. Hayes’ assistance to ‘train the trainers’ in an eight-hour prevention program for our correctional staff”.

-County Jail Administrator

“I have reviewed many reports by consultants in the past, but never have I seen one as thorough and as helpful as your report. I cannot thank you enough for responding to our need, and assure you that we will take the recommended actions set forth in the report”.

-General Counsel, Large County Jail System