Judge imposes a non-custody sentence showing Alternatives to Incarceration are viable options.

A 51-year-old owner of a small construction company plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to bribe an official of a local government agency that receives federal funding and one count of bribery of an official of a government agency that receives federal funding in connection with his company’s bidding and working on contracts awarded by the New York City Administration of Children’s Services. His advisory guidelines range was 70-86 months. The sentencing memorandum outlined the client’s otherwise commendable personal history, his wife’s chronic illness, his lack of any prior criminal history and his assistance to the government in the investigation of the offense resulting in a 5K1.1 letter. Judge Sidney H. Stein, Southern District of New York, imposed a sentence of time served (one day), two years of supervised release, $350,000 forfeiture and 160 hours of community service at Habitat for Humanity, as recommended by NCIA.