Connecting YIT & Kenya!

Hello from Kenya

Over the past few weeks our Horticulture Teacher for the Youth In Transition School Farm has been spreading his knowledge and expertise overseas at a youth training site, Sasamoto Farm in Kenya, Africa!  When learning of his experience in start-up greenhouses, farms, and gardens alike, it was no surprise when Jones was asked to aid in the building of another program in Kenya.  Jones accepted the offer with the intent to connect both classrooms and programs during his excursion.

Sharing about his experience, has helped students put Africa and Kenya on the map.  Jones has shared his pictures and experiences in Kenya with the students discussing the differences and similarities in  climate, garden crops, and cuisine!  Students have had the chance to prepare and eat two common foods in Kenya; plantain and sugarcane .

Jones was instrumental in initiating a few projects in Kenya; raised farm beds, an irrigation system, and the best use of a 50 foot greenhouse already on site which Jones suggested a chicken operation which will yield eggs.  A detailed budget was created and Jones plans to do some fundraising to help launch the project.

Irrigation tank in Kenya (irrigation tank)

While keeping in contact throughout his excursion the Horticulture class patiently awaited his return to hear of his latest Horticulture adventure!  Welcome back farmer Gregg!

raised beds in Kenya (raised beds)