Christmas Decorating

We wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our students, staff, and other individuals who helped make decorations and door prizes for the NCIA Christmas Party!  Special thanks to our Horticulture Students who helped decorate a few Norfolk Pines for prizes at the party.

student decorating a christmas tree

putting bulbs on the tree

beautiful christmas tree

We decorated these happy Norfolk Pine trees and everyone loved the outcome!  So, we took a few pictures by our “Horticulture Christmas Trees!”  These were given out at the Holiday Christmas Party as prizes, decorations and all! ($50 value).

a student posing by the christmas tree

pictures in front of the christmas tree

pictures in front of the christmas tree

group picture in front of the christmas tree

How do you like our Horticulture Christmas Photo?

play swag fight

Swag fight!

cleaning up

Clean-up time!  Even the trash was sparkly!

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Youth In Transition art class and staff as well for making BEAUTIFUL table and wall holiday decor pieces.  Check out their beautiful creations below:

table centerpiece table centerpiece 2 christmas wall decor christmas door decoration student-made snowmanholiday party decorations

Look how beautiful the gymnasium looks!

We would also like to thank the art classes and staff at the Career Development Center for their decorations too!  Such beautiful work!

holiday decorations more holiday decorations student artwork student artwork 2 holiday party decorations