Connecting YIT & Kenya!

Over the past few weeks our Horticulture Teacher for the Youth In Transition School Farm has been spreading his knowledge and expertise overseas at a youth training site, Sasamoto Farm in Kenya, Africa!  When learning of his experience in start-up greenhouses, farms, and gardens alike, it was no surprise when Jones was asked to aid in the building of another program in Kenya.  Jones accepted the offer with the intent to connect both classrooms and programs during his excursion. Sharing about his experience, has helped Continue reading →

Winter Baking!

Right before the holidays we had a little baking session in the life skills room!  No, we did not grow our own chocolate chips, but if we could, the students would be on board! This time for our food demo we made chocolate chip drop scones!  Students learned how to sift flour and how to make exact measurements. We also learned the importance of gently mixing… We all took turns and we all helped make these beautiful and delicious scones! Mmmm Mmmm what a delicious Continue reading →

Christmas Decorating

We wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our students, staff, and other individuals who helped make decorations and door prizes for the NCIA Christmas Party!  Special thanks to our Horticulture Students who helped decorate a few Norfolk Pines for prizes at the party. We decorated these happy Norfolk Pine trees and everyone loved the outcome!  So, we took a few pictures by our “Horticulture Christmas Trees!”  These were given out at the Holiday Christmas Party as prizes, decorations and all! ($50 value). How Continue reading →

Seed Germination

Yesterday students learned about seed germination!  And what better way to discover the best condition for sprouting than to perform a little scientific experiment?  Each student placed several different types of beans on their tray and each tray will be exposed to a different environment, varying in sunlight, temperature, etc.    Can you guess what external and internal factors affect seed germination? Stay tuned for the outcome.  Chances are, while we wait, students will be able to predict the best circumstances to promote germination from Continue reading →

Flower Power

The YIT School Farm had a good run with our marigolds until the frost came!  However, we still have plenty of these beautiful autumn orange calendula flowers blooming in our greenhouse. It has been said that flowers have a positive emotional impact on people.  Scroll through the pictures, what do you think? Lots of smiles.  Now that’s flower power! Students enjoy picking the flowers and making pretty floral arrangements for our farmers’ markets.  Don’t miss out on our sale next week! With the upcoming “cold Continue reading →