All Aboard! Cruising to the Bahamas

All Aboard! A group of individuals from our Adult Residential Program and their staff went on a cruise to the Bahamas!  Beaches, white sand, clear ocean water, the bright sun, and warm weather…. How does it get any better than that?  They sailed on the Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Sea’s and spent seven days soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean view.  It was a relaxing experience as the ship cruised along the gentle waves of the ocean and took them to: Port Continue reading →

9th Annual Athletic Games

Three….Two….One…. Go!  As soon as the race began, our individuals were speeding as fast as possible to the finish line.  But this was no ordinary race since they had to run while balancing an egg on a spoon! Luckily not one person dropped their egg as they twisted and turned, making their way to the end of the race course. Friends and staff cheered the contestants on, making them all feel like winners! It was obvious through all the shouts of laughter and cheer that Continue reading →