Breaking Ground

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”  Plato

So we began.  One small step at a time, sometimes fumbling, sometimes at a hare’s pace.  We began and still remain with the same vision and mission of building an educational greenhouse for our students benefit.  Whether it be for vocational purposes, therapeutic  or inspirational – we strive to provide an environment to teach, change, and improve.  With the mindset that all children deserve a chance to learn and be educated, we begin.

Let’s get started!  While our smaller, mainly dedicated to education greenhouse is under construction, we took it upon ourselves to start clearing the larger, production greenhouse to prep for the fast approaching planting season.  Below is a series of pictures to see our progress.

weeds in the greenhouse

We grabbed some tools and gloves and attacked the weeds!

farmer gregg pulling weeds

Gregg needed heavy duty tools.

the weeds are cleared

Most of the weeds cleared.

windstorm ruined greenhouse plastic

The wind storm ruined our plastic and it had to be removed…

old plastic removed from greenhouse

All of the weeds cleared and old plastic removed.

farmer gregg posing outside the greenhouse

Success!  Farmer Gregg for ya!

A few small steps achieved, but moving forward everyday.  Some students were able to help us with clearing this large, 96 foot green house.  We know they enjoyed the fresh air as much as we did.  Onto the next phase!


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