Beets, Peppers, and Tomatoes OH MY!

We’re really “cookin'” over here at the farm, and we don’t just mean with the heat!  This week we’ve noticed lots of growth in our gardens and greenhouses.

We have beets!  And wow are they huge!

student holding a beet

We’ve have green peppers:

growing green peppers

We have tomatoes:

growing tomatoes

We have Jalapeno Peppers:

growing jalapeno peppers

And we have Farmer Tara!  Thank you for all of your hard work.  Go team YIT Farm!

horticulture student posing for camera

Lots of other goodies are growing too – stay tuned for more updates and keep an eye out for veggie sales!

Can you guess what we are going to make next week during our food demonstration?

Hint, hint it rhymes with MACHOS!  :)