Andrew Williams Returns to Public School

Youth In Transition School

As a non-public school, it is our goal to provide educational and behavioral supports required for students to be successful in their learning environment. Ultimately, these non-public students will then be able to transition back into their zone Public School and utilize all the skills learned at the non-public school to be successful in their new school setting.

With that being said, Youth in Transition (YIT) is PROUD to announce Baltimore County student, Andrew Williams has returned to his zone Public School (Overlea High) as of August 27, 2014; He will also be trying out for the school’s football team. Touch down!

However, Andrews’s journey was not an easy one. We always say, “Where there is a will, there is a way”.  Andrew Williams had the will and found his way through enrolling at YIT.

In the past, Andrew failed out of his previous schools.  Even in his arrival to YIT he was non-compliant. After a month, with the help of our dedicated staff, Andrew recognized the importance of his education and the impact it has on his future.  From then on, he committed himself to do well academically and behaviorally.

It was an honor to see Andrew transform into an increasingly mature young man.

Baltimore County and the YIT team are extremely proud of Andrew and his success. We know that he will continue to be successful in pursuing his future goals.

Way to go Andrew!