Ahoy Beer Mash


After a prolonged search for beer mash to mix with our wood chips, we were able to secure a generous source;  Brewer’s Art of downtown Baltimore City!  One “hoppy” car ride over and we were in the grains.

Brewer's Art
Thank you Brewer’s Art for supplying us with our much needed beer mash.  Again, it is so very nice to make connections in the community to help achieve our goals.

mixing beer mash and worm soil
Mixing beer mash into our worm soil.

beer mash spread across wood chips
Spreading beer mash between layers of wood chips.

Soon we will be putting up the new plastic for the large 96 foot greenhouse where we will be growing ground crops as well as sprouts.  Stay tuned as we progress, the growing season is upon us!  (Even though it’s only 36 degrees outside, we’re staying positive)!