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Adult Residential Services provide support for adults focused on achieving success in community living. All programs are designed to support individual growth and development and to enable residents to become productive members of the community.

Community Living

NCIA Adult Residential Services are offered in Alternative Living Units (ALUs), Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLAs), and Individual Family Care (IFC) models. Our staff provides on-going skills training and support in activities of daily living, functional life skills, personal care skills, and basic health care.

Individual Support Services

We customize skills training based on our individuals’ preferences, interests, and needs, and as stipulated by their individual treatment plans.

Case management and advocacy is provided for each individual through interdisciplinary team meetings, monitoring of individual plans, and assurance of the delivery of specified services through on-going advocacy efforts and interventions.

Behavioral Support Services

 Behavioral support services are provided by a team of Master’s level Psychology Associates and a Behavioral Technicians, who are all supervised by a licensed Psychologist. Because of the complex nature and needs of the individuals served in the Adult Residential program, all behavioral support services are individually-focused and developed.

Behavioral Services provided to each individual may include, but are not limited to, the development and ongoing monitoring of psychiatrically integrated Behavioral Management Plans, individual therapy, staff training and monitoring on appropriate Plan implementation, 24-hour crisis support, and clinical consultation in interdisciplinary team meetings.


 NCIA’s Adult Residential Services have Registered Delegating Nurses on-site to provide medical oversight and conduct nursing assessments. Certified Medication Technicians (CMTs) are staffed in each home to provide medication administration as needed.  The Delegating Nurse works hand in hand with a Master’s Level Therapist who provides clinical services as needed. Behavior treatment plans are implemented as needed. All staff members are trained in CPR and first aid and are certified in medication administration.

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