janitorial work at Martin State Airport

NCIA’s Career Development Program utilizes a flexible treatment model which allows individuals to participate in training and employment opportunities designed to meet their complex and changing needs. We offer services including: supported employment, vocational services and day habilitation.

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Supported Employment

Supported employment helps program participants obtain and maintain competitive employment within their communities. NCIA currently has supervised placements within fast food restaurants, commercial building maintenance companies, airports, and landscaping firms.

Utilizing a place-train approach to supported employment, in which individuals work within real job settings and artificial training environments, the staff provides valuable hands-on experience to each program participant. Because our programs are tailored to the specific needs of the individual, NCIA has successfully matched skill level and job readiness with a variety of employment opportunities for long-term success.

Wages are a major outcome of supported employment. Work must be compensated with the same benefits and wages as other workers in similar jobs. This includes sick leave, vacation time, health benefits, bonuses, training opportunities, and other benefits.

NCIA has successfully placed 100% of its supported employment participants in one of the following models:


Through NCIA’s employment specialists, individual opportunities in community business are identified. The individual filling the position is on the company’s payroll and receives company benefits once hired. NCIA’s paid job coach trains the new employee until they meet all job requirements. The job coach then stays connected to the employer and employee, perhaps on a weekly basis or as more training is necessary.


Trained and supervised by job coaches, individuals usually work as a team (generally 5 – 8 people) at a single work site in a community business. Dispersed crews include team members who work on separate jobs throughout an organization. In both scenarios, initial training, supervision, and support are provided by a specially trained NCIA vocational instructor.


Working as a distinct unit, a small group of program participants may work together as a self-contained business that generates employment for their crew members by selling services such as landscaping, administrative services, and housekeeping. The crew works at several locations within the community, under the supervision of a job coach.

Vocational Services

Vocational training services teach individuals vocational skills that prepare them for competitive employment in the community. The services include vocational assessment activities, job training, work skill training, social skills training, safety skills, and work related hygiene training. Individuals also participate in several in-house enclave placements, such as customer service, housekeeping, landscaping, and mail room services.

Day Habilitation

Our Day Habilitation Program caters to those who are not capable of working outside in the community. People who qualify for this service are placed in-house, and will spend the day in our Career Development Center. The Career Development Center has a cafe’, computer room, barbershop, retail shop, arts & crafts room, sensory stimulation room, exercise gym and multiple activity rooms. Each individual, depending on his/her needs rotate through out the rooms each day to ensure they are being stimulated in a fun, learning environment.

We make sure to focus on each person as an individual and address their communication, socialization, physical, mental, and behavioral needs. We concentrate on self-care skills, personal hygiene, eating skills, food preparation skills, leisure activities, and community involvement. Some may also enter our pre-vocational program, where they learn such basic skills such as collating and manipulating small items, and functioning in a simulated work environment.

Behavioral difficulties are addressed therapeutically through crisis intervention and counseling. Our sensory stimulation room, where a soothing combination of sound, scent, light, and color bring about a calmer state of mind.

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