9th Annual Athletic Games

Three….Two….One…. Go!  As soon as the race began, our individuals were speeding as fast as possible to the finish line.  But this was no ordinary race since they had to run while balancing an egg on a spoon! Luckily not one person dropped their egg as they twisted and turned, making their way to the end of the race course. Friends and staff cheered the contestants on, making them all feel like winners!

It was obvious through all the shouts of laughter and cheer that everyone had nothing but fun at our Career Development Center’s 9th Annual Athletic Games event! The Athletic Games took place on September 10, 2014 at Patapsco State Park.  Not only did our individuals participate in wacky relay races, but they also played football, soccer, volleyball, horseshoes and corn hole!

Individual Playing Soccerindividual playing horseshoes

It was a full day of adrenaline, friendly competition and tons of excitement. We even had a special visit from WBAL’s Sports Reporter Keith Mills, who provided media coverage for the event!

After the games were over, lunch was served which restored everyone’s energy just in time for the dance party that was soon to follow. Our DJ played tons of music and pumped up the volume! Our individuals rushed to the dance floor and had dance competitions, showing off their best dance moves.  Boy was that fun!

group of friendsgroup of friends

The day ended perfectly as medals were handed out to each individual that participated in the Athletic Games! Everyone is a winner in our eyes and as a reward, cake was served to celebrate.

Our individuals in the Career Development Program look forward to our Athletic Games event every year because it’s our gift to them for working so hard at their job assignments every day.  This is one of many fun and exciting events that we organize for our dedicated workers. Hard work really does pay off!